Jewelry Care

General jewelry care tips

– NEVER allow jewelry to come in contact with oils, soaps, perfumes, or any harsh chemicals which can fade or even ruin the item.

– ALWAYS remove jewelry before sports, swimming, exercising, washing hands, showering, cleaning, doing laundry, or applying lotions or creams.

– NEVER store jewelry wet. Always dry with a soft cloth before storing.

– When cleaning, be gentle! Use a soft toothbrush and jewelry cleaner that specifically states that it is safe for costume jewelry. Make sure it does not contain acid, alcohol, or ammonia. Only use jewelry cleaner as directed. DO NOT over scrub.

– Store jewelry in a plastic ziploc bag or soft jewelry pouch away from other objects and jewelry items to avoid scratching.

– Store jewelry in a clean, dry, cool, not cold place away from heat and dust.

– Use a jewelry cloth for buffing.

– Regularly check for loose stones.

Silver Jewelry

Silver can be cleaned using one part ammonia and one part water. Take a small soft toothbrush or nail brush to gently remove any dirt or oil in conjunction with the ammonia and water solution. Next, allow the silver to air dry. After the jewelry has dried, you can then buff and polish silver jewelry with a lint-free cloth and store for the next use. While silver jewelry can be cleaned in the same way as gold, it is important to refrain from chlorine when cleaning and in between cleanings, as chlorine tarnishes silver products.

Store your jewelry in a plastic zip top bag.  Be sure to remove all air from the bag. Add a “pillow” of desiccant to the zip top bag.   These pillows are found in your new shoes, purses and other leather items. They are usually, Silica sand or Silica beads that absorb moisture; making the air inside a sealed bag, etc. very dry, thus substantially slowing down the tarnish development when jewelry item isn’t being worn.

Pearl Jewelry

The best option when cleaning pearls is to only use a damp lint-free cloth to gently lift away any dirt or residue that the pearls may have accumulated. Next, take a small drop of mineral oil or olive oil to restore the shine. Finally, take a lint-free cloth and wipe away any remaining oil residue and store for the next use.

NEVER place pearls in any type of ammonia or vinegar solution, ultrasonic or steam cleaners, or use any type of abrasives like a toothbrush to clean them. Remove your pearls to apply makeup, hairspray or perfume as the acids can degrade and ruin your pearls.